There you go again…

In response to the baiting agendas of the media Ronald Reagan is famously quoted with the response that begins with ‘There you go again…’. He was a master at being able to disarm a situation while calling it out for what it was. I can’t tell you how often I want to respond to someone on Facebook or other social channels in response to something inappropriately personal that they’ve posted. Unfortunately, social media is too often a revealing space – it regularly amazes me the amount of dirty laundry that people will share and I hurt for people who do this for two reasons:

  1. It’s a cry of pain and my heart goes out to them
  2. It’s not the safest or wisest place to address, much less resolve, conflict or other heartache in their lives

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The Creation Argument

I’m often amazed at what we teach in our churches on the topics of creation and eschatology. We become so dogmatic in our approach that we, in effect, blind those over whom we have influence and limit their ability to think and understand or even interact with the world around them.

But far worse is the realization that a dogmatic approach to these topics diminishes ones understanding of the intent of the creation story in the first place. The creation story drives to a specific purpose in its communication – and arguing against science is not it. Neither is it about defending Biblical ‘science’ – far from it. The core message of the creation story is that the sovereign God of the universe created us so that we could know Him and that He could know us. Kind of His kind. Continue reading “The Creation Argument”