Reaffirming Our Identity

“As he is, so are we in this world” (1 John 4:17c).

Friday of last week and on Monday of this week, I shared something of my testimony concerning my illness and the insight I gained as a consequence concerning our true identity versus an “illness identity.”  After reading the message, my wife remarked that the principle I had outlined in the message regarding illness would also apply in any area of bondage.  Since then I have received letters in which the writers confirmed that the truth I had shared was applicable to other needs in their lives.

Many of lifeís problems are a consequence of our losing sight of who we are.  It is obvious that I am not speaking of our physical or natural identity but rather of who we are in Christ.  When we are trapped in any form of bondage, it is because we have developed a concept of who we are that is in conflict with who/what the Word says that we are.  This happens because of what we entertain in our though life. Continue reading “Reaffirming Our Identity”

Prayer, God’s Great Weapon

It seems to me that both as persons and as a nation, we tend have a very inadequate viewpoint of the reality, power, and threat of Satan.

To the rational minds of our Western secular civilization, to think of Satan as a reality seems to be an endorsement of a kind of obsolete superstition. Unfortunately, there is a philosophic carry over of such ideas in the church today in that all too many tend to suppress any idea of Satan’s reality; portraying him more as the broad influence of evil rather than an actuality.

We have been given a very powerful weapon to use against the powers of darkness that will drive them to flight when it is raised up against them–prayer!

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